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Today marks the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death.

Happily, if anyone had eyes to see, it was “Eisie.” The images that he captured on one afternoon in 1953 remain not only among the warmest, most casually intimate photos of Marilyn that anyone ever made: they also serve as a poignant record of a young woman on the very cusp of both genuine superstardom and years of gradually, ever-deepening misery. Defined less by her film work and more by her celebrity, her broken marriages (to baseball Hall of Famer Joe DiMaggio and great American playwright, Arthur Miller), depression, drugs, affairs — most famously and devastatingly, of course, with JFK — Marilyn Monroe’s life in the decade between that 1953 photo session with Eisenstaedt and her death in August 1962 has been chronicled, dissected, analyzed and sifted so thoroughly that there’s little need to recount it here. offers this series of photos — most of which never ran in LIFE magazine — as both a tribute and a reminder: a tribute to the great, uniquely empathetic photographer who made them, and a reminder of the talented, beautiful, utterly alive young Marilyn who so bewitched the world, her whole life still before her.


I’m loving the glitter on these bags in Louis Vuitton’s fall 2012 ad campaign. Shot by Steven Meisel, it features Julia Nobis, Franzi Müller, Mackenzie Drazan, and many others. Along with the glitter and the models, the hats aren’t too bad either. Neither is the train, nor the bellman. Okay, fine, it’s all so, so good.


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